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AMP APPs Go Live

AMP APPMarch 2017 has seen the launch of the AMP Apps program around the world. Developed in the US by APP giant VOLTAGE PARTNERS as the distribution arm for their new Apps being launched.

Since launching, the Amp Club business opportunity has exploded in Australia. People are curious about the new app store in Australia and have taken to it big time.

Associated Marketing Program (AMP)

There are around 4 million Apps that can be found currently in Google Play and the Apple Store. It is not hard for good new apps with small marketing budgets to get buried deep in the pile, making it impossible for them to make a break.  AMP is a progressive group that aim to work with current and up and coming app developers to help them promote their apps and games through their massive network or associates. These associates are paid through revenue that flows from the sale of advertising, app purchase and in-app purchases.

Apart from earning money through marketing apps, associates can also earn commissions through introducing new people to the distribution network. As with modern network marketing or mulit level marketing groups, the associates are compensated through a matrix system that grows exponentially as their ‘team’ expands.

How to Market the Opportunity

Marketing your own personal app store will not only get you income from sales of ‘paid for’ apps but also gets the whole business opportunity out there for your customers to see. Social media is one of the hottest places for advertising, but most people – as is common with MLM type businesses – will look to their ‘warm’ market to start up. That being their friends and family.

AMP App Club

Why Use AMP App Store instead of Google Play or Apple Store?

When you market your AMP App store you are giving people the opportunity to download awesome new games along with the current best sellers. Downloading new games through the AMP store portal will give them FULL access to the new games with no in-app purchases required, so long as they are subscribed to your app store.

Your customers can choose to subscribe to the AMP App and get full access to games and other apps. But for a little bit more they can upgrade their subscription and join the App club enabling them to earn money from their app store as an App Club Premium Associate. Once you start marketing the app store you can be in a position to pay for your own subscription costs quite quickly.

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The “NETFLIX” of Mobile Apps and Games

AMP App has been likened to Netflix in that it gives subscribers access to all the latest and greatest mobile Apps and games for a single monthly sub fee.

Associate Marketing Program


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