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Learn online affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Learn online affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing can provide an opportunity to set up a sustainable, residual income stream through well presented and content filled websites.

It needs to be noted that this is not a get rich quick scheme, and run away from those who offer it that way.

It will require some patience and a bit of hard work. But it can be worked part time or full time, depending on your level of commitment.

Website Development and Writing Content

Content is king of the internet Through your website you should plan to inform and entertain as well as attract traffic to your affiliated sites. So you need to update and refresh your content and make your website engaging to maintain the best rankings on the search engines.

In search of the perfect work from home business I came across the Wealthy Affiliate site.

This site allows you to access, for free, a significant amount of training and information on setting up a web based income through marketing other peoples products. In short, you get a commission on sales that have been generated from traffic that has been past on via your web site.

Affiliate Marketing – Benefits

The benefit to you through this process is that you are not handling stock, orders or customers. You receive a percentage of a sale or, even better still, a reoccurring commission if you sell subscriptions to services.

The benefit to the merchant is that the more people who advertise their product or service the more exposure they get and the more sales they can potentially generate. So, its a win, win.

The Wealthy Affiliate site helps to guide you through that process.  Once you subscribe to their upgraded content you then receive even more training, access to online assistance and mentoring and a stack more web site templates.

Affiliate Marketing – Drawbacks

This is not a get rich overnight program. That can be a drawback to anyone thinking they can become a millionaire overnight. Good luck with that ! However, it can provide you with a good income, and if you commit yourself to it, you can make a substantial amount from it.

Good income takes time. You need to get your websites ranking with the search engines and get traffic to your website. You cannot make money on a site without traffic. So allow yourself time to develop your site before expecting returns.

It requires dedication and a business approach. You need to structure your time so you can attend to writing articles and blogs and filling in your websites with content.

The best Training and Support System

WA GraphicNow, I have tried to do this on my own, producing web sites and doing the connection to affiliate sites etc, but I have not really had the knowledge and experience to get the traffic to the site. That is one of the great thing about Wealthy Affiliates is that they are focused on helping you to optimise you web sites and perfecting your content in order to attract the best traffic volumes.

Without volume, you don’t have sales.

My #1 Recommendation

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliates. There are other web site building sites out there but NOTHING has the training and support that this site has.

I have produced another website that is dedicated to helping people learn all about affiliate marketing as a business.

Please have a look a the link here and check out this site.

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2 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hello Jim, thanks for the information about affiliate marketing. I am looking for something that will help me earn some extra money out of hours and this seems to look ok for me. I am really keen dart player. Is it possible to do a website on playing darts and make money from that. How long will it take to earn money ? I dont want to spend too much money .
    thanks Matt

    1. Hi Matt,
      thanks for the comments. Yep I think that you could do a nice niche website on darts. Check the search engines for ideas then look at Jaxxy keyword site for some ideas on good keywords and see how many people are searching this niche. You can set up a free account with Jaxxy and get your first 20 or so searches free. Also you can set up a free account with Wealthy Affiliates (follow my links) and you can start a website and get some training for free as well. You dont have to pay anything on this site until you are ready to move forward with your site as a business, but if you upgrade your account to premium in the first 7 days you will get a huge discount on your first month membership. Earning money… well, expect around 2 -3 months before some conversions start, however it can take 6+ months to get your website ranking. So just be prepared to stick at it. Eventually it will make money and you can earn yourself and income to replace the other job. 😉

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