5 Ways To Make Working From Home Workable For You

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Working From Home

People often have this misconception that working from home is a breeze, the ultimate job fantasy that comes with its own unique lifestyle of getting up when you want, wearing what you want and taking dips in the pool or going shopping.

But reality is that it needs to have some rules and procedures to make it functional just as an office job does, especially if you want to make money working from home.

But in saying this, it is more flexible and provides you with some freedom that the office worker lacks, but at the same time requires a lot of discipline and accountability.

To avoid making yours a dysfunctional work place there needs to be some basic ground rules and requirements. The following ideas might help you to think about your own needs if you are planning the ‘work from home’ move or are struggling with it currently.

My TOP 5 Ways for Making it Work 

Location, location, location.

Do you have a location available?  Meaning, you will need to allocate yourself a ‘space’ that is your office.

Work from home office If you are working within your house we can assume that there are others living there as well – family, kids, husband, wife, partner, mother in law.

If you live by yourself, the rules still apply, so keep reading!

Your own dedicated office space is great to have – if you are blessed with a spare room or attachment to your house then you have a bit of a head start. You need somewhere that you can leave your work for the day without needing to pack up, or having fear of kids knocking you work on the ground.

But even if you just have a desk in the corner of the family room, its going to work out better for you if you get the families cooperation and understand that this is your space and it is not to be touched.

If you don’t have any worries about your work place security then this is one less thing on your mind each day and will help set up a calm, relaxed environment. If you can leave it and come back to it without having to pack up each day, it will make your work at home life much more comfortable.

Work Hours

If you are working for yourself in your own business, then your working hours will be more flexible than if you are telecommuting with a head office each day.

Working from home hoursBut you still need to set yourself a timetable either way. In fact, even though you are working from home you are still part of the ‘big picture’. If you need to communicate with other people to make your income happen, then you will need to be at your desk when they need you.

An exception to this rule would be if you operated an online marketing business, where the world is open 24 hours a day. Then you can pretty much choose your own hours.

Let people (and other occupants of your house) know what your business hours are going to be, and try to stick to them.

A daily schedule of tasks will help to keep you on track. I personally have a written daily planner with the basics entered, so I know what needs to be achieved each day and by what time.

I am also a bit anally retentive (so my wife thinks), so do what works best for you.

Office Equipment.

You know how you used to get ticked off at your boss for not having pens available and running out of printer ink?  Well, make sure you have stock of the basics that you would use on a daily basis, too.

working from home equipment You don’t want to be running down to the shops in the middle of the day to pick up a ream of paper or a pen. Schedule your office shopping and maybe even order stuff online so it gets delivered.

Have a comfortable chair. For ages I sat on a dinning room chair with a pillow under my backside for extra comfort, until I finally bought a comfortable, adjustable office chair. Its much better for creativity and posture.

If you need a computer and printer, try to keep spare inks or toners, batteries for your wireless mouse and get to know your local repair agent if things need to get fixed quickly.

And don’t forget to backup your work. That’s an ‘Office101’ tip you can have for free.

Focus and Motivation

So this is the hardest bit, I think. Maintaining focus and motivation can be the downfall of the work at home worker.

Reward yourselfIt can be a trap, when you are not feeling real motivated, to just go and sit on the lounge or by the pool for 10 minutes. Then 2 hours later, when you wake up, you realise you are behind deadline, or missed a call.  Yup, speaking from experience here.

So what can you do to stay focused.  These are 4 basic methods that I use to keep myself on track.

  1. The daily planner, as I mentioned previously. This will give you a breakdown of what needs to be done, by when, on any given day.

  2. Make things accountable – if you are working on an article to be written for a blog – there may not be a deadline for it. So, to keep you on the go, let it be known that this needs to be done by this afternoon, or before lunch. Set a completion time on your desktop calendar that will sound an alarm when time is up. Get a friend to call you and ask if the job is done. Its about making yourself accountable for getting jobs done.

  3. Set milestones for projects and break down big tasks into a series of smaller ones that can be ticked off a time sheet or in your head.

  4. Reward yourself for completion of tasks on time or before time. Allow yourself that extra cup of coffee or that swim in the pool, as a reward for good behaviour.

You can even award yourself ‘office worker or the week” if that does it for you.


You need to take breaks. If you are in an office by yourself all day, it can become mind blowingly dull. Have time out for lunch and tea breaks, where you physically walk away from your desk or office and sit elsewhere.

working from home lunchesAvoid the temptation to work through lunch breaks or eat at your desk while you work. (Ok, so I have just finished my sandwich at my desk while I write this article. Ill get up shortly, promise!)

Also, if you can, try to fit in exercise. I know it can be a hard one. But before you start work each day, or after you knock off, take a walk, play with the kids, get on the treadmill, go to a gym .. just try to take a bit of time out for this and make it part of your routine.

My wife works full time in an office and I work from home at my online business and marketing business. We have a son who I drop off to school each day and pick up from the bus in the afternoons. My day is worked in around these hours.

Fortunately for me, the school is a minute from the local golf course, so most days, after school drop off I go out for 1 hour of golf, which gets me home by 9.30am to start work. Its just part of my routine.

Making it Work

Working from home can really be rewarding. But there are different pressures to working in an office. You have some flexibilities, but also need to have flexibility and understanding from your fellow co-inhabitants (family, flat mates etc).

Hopefully, some of the tips covered in this article will be of help. They may seem obvious but sometimes it is the obvious that we overlook when it is not working.

Working from home success

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Please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below if you have any questions or ideas.

10 thoughts on “5 Ways To Make Working From Home Workable For You”

  1. I totally get where you are coming from, creating your own office space within the home boosts productivity for certain, I know from experience. Having a desk, and office chair, computer setup, and small space makes you want to work, and it does make all of the difference, as opposed to say typing on a laptop sitting on the couch. That brings about distractions, but then again, we do what we have to. Great post.

    1. Thanks Christian.. great comments. There are no real hard and fast rules, but as you say you need to do what works to make productivity happen best. Today, for instance, I have broken my own rules and have written several articles while sitting on the couch with my laptop. Change of scenery was inspiring.

      cheers James

  2. Hi James, and thanks for your many tips on organising your home based work. I have only started on online business a couple of months ago, and as a sideline to my 9-5 ‘real’ job. And I shall tell you, you are right to warn it’s not a walk in the park! If at all – and possibly in my case also due to total inexperience – every thing takes a lot of time, and invariably longer than estimated. And, on a couple of annual leave days I had, I ended up working at my website much longer hours than if I’d been sitting at my desk in my office. Do you think these warnings and tips are applicable to any type of home based job? I believe so, as the danger in fact, I find, could be that you end up not giving yourself a break. Home based working requires a right proper structured schedule. Thanks you 🤗

    1. HI there Giulia, thanks for your comments here. You are so right, working from home in any capacity takes a lot of effort and can take more of your time if you don’t manage your life/ work balance. But the rewards can be fabulous once you get your online business working. You just need to be prepared for a bit of ‘delayed gratification’.
      All the best with your home business. Let me know if you have any other questions .. happy to help

  3. I think your right when you say “fantasy”. If it was easy everyone would be earning a living from home in their pajamas!

    You have to have a daily routine just like if you were working for someone else. You will have more flexible hours, but you still will need to put the hours in otherwise your income and business go into decline!

    Good post!

    1. Thats right Chris, I have a very basic (and flexible) daily routine that I try to stick to so I can know that the core jobs are getting completed each day.

  4. That’s one of the great things about working for yourself from home; being able to choose your own work hours and not have a boss looking over your shoulder all the time.

    I agree with you that focus and motivation are the hardest parts of working from home. I personally struggle with this from time to time, but it’s all a matter of getting into a “work habit”.

    Thanks for the great post.

    1. Thanks Darren, yes I think we all struggle with focus and motivation. I know it is one of my biggest hurdles, especially when there are other things going on around you. cheers James

  5. Thanks for sharing an these are some good tips. it is all about getting organize. I believe that many people are not getting much out of work because they are not organize. A home base business should be treated like you are working for someone else the only thing is that you are working for your self keep that mind set and success is sure. Thanks for sharing

    1. Absolutely on the money, Norman. You still need to show the dedication and work ethics in your own business as you would in an office.

      cheers James

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