Australian Home Based Business

Australian home based business?

Having been born and brought up in the land down under I naturally look for the best that I can find in Australia. So for many years I have been looking for the best of Australian home based business.

Do you have to be an Aussie? No !

Now.. this leads to an interesting question. Does the business have to be ‘made in Australia’ to qualify as an Australian home based business?  Well to be absolutely honest I don’t know the answer to that. Which pretty much means that I haven’t actually found one that fits, yet.

However, what I have found in my search is a business that can be Australian made, but also international at the same time.

I built my web sites in Australia so they are technically Australian made, built from international products ! Anyway .. I suppose that will do as a disclaimer in this instance for the Australian made claim J

The best is in the NET

The reality is that the best home based business I have found so far is INTERNET based. So who would want to limit themselves to one country anyway when you have access several billion people online.

If you are seriously looking for a business opportunity that can be run from home, or more so not in an office and in your own hours, then internet marketing is probably one of the best business models available.

In particular, I refer to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is such a good business model for the home business person as it ticks so many boxes that don’t exist in other home businesses or in traditional offices / work place scenarios.

Affiliate marketing ticks the boxes

  • Low start up costs (web site development, hosting, domain names etc)

  • No stock holding requirements (you connect directly with wholesales and online markets)

  • Low ongoing costs (hosting fees and other domain name costs)

  • Excellent training available

  • Support

  • Work in your own time

  • Excellent income potential and ROI

Wealthy Affiliate – internet marketing tool

And the best tool that I have discovered to get into affiliate marketing, in a professional scenario, is through Wealthy Affiliate.

There are other affiliate marketing websites that are similarly good but Wealthy Affiliate offer a number of excellent options that make it stand out from the small bunch.

  1. WA is one of the few (althought I haven’t actually seen another yet that does) that offer FREE START UP.

  1. Exceptional online learning / training facility (WA University offer a comprehensive training package that is constantly updated to keep in line with the changes in industry. Additionally, they run regular webinar based training in real time that support the online training).

  1. Quality technical support and peer based feedback (Website support is fast and efficient, plus you get a community of peers within Weathy Affiliate who assist with all aspects of setting up websites, content and layout advice, motivation and general support)

  1. Successful longevity – Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 10 years now with the original founders still active as a major part of the peer support and training.

  1. No age limits – this is an opportunity for all. Young adults through to retirees are working this as a business now and succeeding. You just need effort and enthusiasm.

  1. No face to face selling or hassling your friends to sign up. (Unlike MLM’s this business is truly yours and yours alone to do as you wish. You earn commissions based on sales from traffic through your website – no cold calling.)

  1. And did I mention free start up?

This includes free access to training sessions, free website designs and website making tools plus free hosting for 2 sites and free support.

They also offer a premium sign up for once you have had a look around and decide that affiliate marketing is the sort of business that you want to get into.

The cost is from US$19 per month ( initial month intro) then US$47 per month or a special discounted package for 12 months in advance.

There are NO lock in contracts – you can stop if or when you want with no hidden charges.

Take up the challenge

You’ll find a host of different nationalities involved in affiliate marketing and in particular in the Wealthy Affiliates forums I have found a lot of Aussies and Kiwis who have taken up the challenge and have made themselves very good businesses in the online world.

What can you sell?

AMAZON world wide to Aussie home grown

As well as some of the big players in the world of affiliate marketing – such as , who give you access to a HUGE array of marketing options, there are also a bunch of Australian home grown groups that manage affiliate marketing programs for some very well know (and the not so well known) Australian retailers and wholesales.

If you are wanting to target local markets in Australia or promote Australian product to overseas markets then look at aligning yourself with Also do some google searches on products or niches that will bring up affiliate programs available within Australia or New Zealand.

Just give it a go …

I encourage you to check out the world of online marketing if you are serious about a good sustainable, legitimate home based business. Take the free access introduction to affiliate marketing through Wealthy and see for yourself.

Oh and also … you really don’t have to be an Aussie or Kiwi …. anyone can do this !

I hope this has been of interest to you and will be helpful in your research.



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2 thoughts on “Australian Home Based Business

  1. Hi James.
    Great point you made there, An online is great because you don’t have to focus on one country, you have the entire world at your finger tips.
    I love Australia by the way. I visited there in 1999 and stayed for a few weeks with family in Brisbane.
    One day I hope to maybe immigrate there, South Africa is becoming quite hectic with all the crime!
    Nice to know also that if you work online you can just up and move country and nothing will be affected! Just log onto your website when you unpack again!

    1. Thanks Lynne, I appreciate your comments. Thats the fabulous thing about online business is the flexibility. I travel quite a lot and it suits me very well. I too have some very close SA friends and hope to get there one day soon, although most of these guys are in Australia or the pacific Islands where I also spend a lot of time.

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