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The focus of this website is to find the best home based business ideas available.

I continue to cover both Internet based and non internet based businesses in additional articles – although the ‘conventional’ form of home businesses now is internet based, so this will be the main focus.

Generally, there is a lot of cross cutting techniques between both internet and non internet businesses, meaning they both have elements of each medium mixed into them. Non internet based businesses still use social media as a communications tool and internet based businesses still require you to deal with real people (albeit via the internet through email and maybe over the phone from time to time).

There are thousands of ideas around and weeding through them all takes time. And avoiding the dodgy ones along the way can be a bit of a minefield as well.

No doubt, if you have come across this website, you have been looking around already and may have some ideas of what you want to do.

Try to focus on things that you are good at or know that you know a bit about.

This might sound obvious but plenty of people make the mistake of trying to push something on themselves that they are either not comfortable with or just have no real back ground on.

As an example – there are plenty of ‘opportunities’ for marketing health products. Granted, this is a multi billion dollar industry, every one wants to feel better or look better, right?

But – how comfortable are you, really, at the thought of ringing up your family, friends and neighbors and asking them to join up with your business opportunity so you can flog them some seaweed pills or similar? Or having a bunch of people invited around to your house for a meet.

This is typical of a type of network marketing business …which in itself is a brilliant concept for marketing and a fast growing medium for sales.

Be Comfortable With What You Do

However, you do have to be the right sort of person in order to do this. And you have to ask yourself honestly, before you start paying entry fees, is this the right business for me?

Now don’t get me wrong, most network marketing or multi level marketing programs can be a legitimate type of business but the reality is that only a small percentage of ‘distributors’ really make it in the business – and most don’t manage to claw back their original payments.

I have also encountered internet based business opportunities that are incredibly secretive. I’m sure you have seen them already.

Generally, the advertiser will not tell you what you are supposed to sell or do until they have your email address and your computer IP address. Then you will usually be spammed for the next 6 months with emails and pop ups. Follow your gut feeling and leave them alone, regardless of how enticing they sound.

Not what I would consider to be one of the best home based business. I cant image the pressure selling if you ended up signing up for that.

Try before you buy

When it comes to internet based businesses, look for opportunities that allow you to try before you buy.  Free trials that allow you to get a feel of what sort of business they are offering. I think if a company is confident enough to offer free trial access, allowing you access to all that is available, then they are a better option.

Now most of the home based businesses that I look at are internet based. This is the trend for home style opportunities now as it is where the volume is.

Online Business Provides Critical Mass

In business terms it is known as critical mass – simply put, where you have a sufficient volume of customers to cover all the businesses that are targeting them. The internet gives you that with some 2+ billion people actively buying online each year.

Internet business opportunities range through a whole gamut of industries from forex trading; retail /wholesale; affiliate marketing; training businesses; management / personnel consultants through to horse racing and bookmaking.

I’ll be endeavouring to cover some of these industries over the next few posts.

Again it comes down to you analyzing what you are interested in and good at or know a lot about.

My Pick of The Best

For now – my pick of the best home based business is affiliate marketing. I have looked at several sites that provide assistance with setting up and creating a business out of online trading, but he best I have found is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a free introduction …which actually goes beyond just being an introduction as you get to have access to the first modules of their training which teaches you how to set up a money making website.

You also get a couple of websites free, plus hosting and access for a month to online assistance and support.  You can continue on in free mode as long as you want and you can have a fully functional website live on the net.

But to get access to the further training modules (and there are heaps of it) you will need to opt into the premium option. WA offer a discounted first month full access then a monthly fee from there on. No lock in contracts etc so you can get out if you feel its not for you.

They also offer a discounted 12 month option, which I personally took up as I could see that this was going to be something that I could make work and enjoy.  And I certainly have no complaints.


What you will learn in the premium mode is how to boost your search engine rankings, how to write good content, and how to start earning money.  And primarily you are not alone. The support and community that is there to help is phenomenal.

Hope this has been of assistance to you. Please check out my other posts or come back again. You can sign up for posts as they come in as well or leave some comment and Ill get back to you.



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