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By | December 9, 2015

 How to Write knock-out Content – Writing as a Business

Writing is an art and it isn’t everyone that knows how to make it work. Some people are really good speakers but when it comes to expressing their views in black and white, it becomes a struggle to make out words in paper that will sell as much as their voice would do.

However, don’t be discouraged if you are new to content writing as the skills can be learned easily if you follow a basic formula and break down your articles into small bits.

It’s a simple formula that works


The key is to keep it simple, use short paragraphs and don’t waffle. There is always the temptation to all in content to fill up word space. I have seen this many a time with contract writers adding in information and elongating sentences to fill in the word count requirement.

It’s not very professional and isn’t good for search engine rankings ( people will click off you in no time flat). Just remember you are not writing an essay, so you can pretty much throw all you learned about writing at school and university out the window. You are writing to engage your audience – not for a long time but for a good time!

Writing is a noble profession for those who have taken up the initiative to turn such artistic talent into business and career. There are writers out there who are making serious money producing creative ebooks, as an example, and selling online through platforms like Amazon or Smashwords.

There are options available for writers who are interested in freelance writing for clients, such as copywriters or as blog/website writers. Many are making good incomes on the internet from platforms like fiverr and odesk, amongst others. They are engaged by website owners to write content on specific topics.

4 Basics to good content


To be highly sought after in this field as a writer, you need to know the basics of how to write good content for people to love and engage with.


  1. First you need to know where you have specialization as you may be a great writer in medical articles in contrast to writing information on relationships & love. Though a few folks have the gift for writing professionally just on every area of life – it is often better to be specialized.


  1. Writing requires absolute concentration, so for you to be able to write good content, you have to strive to always write in an environment that suits you, one that motivates and inspires you rather than one that distracts you. Some people find it really inspiring to write from outdoors in a quiet garden while some others find it better writing from a well air-conditioned room with soft jazz playing at the background. Find out which suits you and you can adapt it to help you stay motivated when writing.


  1. You can also learn to write super good content and develop you knowledge base and skills when you start to do research on the subjects that you may have been contracted to write on. Once you start your research online and also reading other books and publications in that field and you will find the words to adequately put together to make a new article or a manuscript. It’s mostly about building your confidence and the writing will start to flow.


  1. Lastly, writing good content requires a virtue found in many top class award winning writers – and that is PATIENCE. Patience will help you stay focused on any project, with the gift of seeing the beginning and end of your script in mind and with the determination to see it through. Don’t rush your work to get it out on time. Better to spend a little linger and be happy with what you have produced than to rush an article that doesn’t make sense or is incomplete.


You’re not writing binary code here


What ever your chosen field, be it blogging, ebook creating or contract writing, you will find that you need to develop your writing skills to best capture your audience.  But the main thing to remember is that you are writing to entertain human beings – unless of course you are into writing computer code, then you have probably come to the wrong website!

So writing for humans requires some understanding of your audience, empathy and a nice relaxed style, short paragraphs and bold headings.

If you are wanting to know more about content writing and blogging for a money you can learn more on how to develop an online business here.

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