Corporate to Full Time Work from Home

Why I left full time office work to engage in full time online marketing.


Today marks the day that I finally finish my full time position as a general manager of an export company.   There are strong feelings of apprehension mixed with even stronger feelings of excitement and anticipation.


Finally, it is time to put into plan some of my best work from home ideas that I had researched and developed over the last half year.


Work from home officeI have been doing contract work for a number of years now, working full time in contract management positions as an expat in the pacific islands.  Pretty much on and off now for the past 12 years or so I have engaged in different contracts.  Now whilst I have, for some part of that time, been self employed as an independent contractor, I still have been at the mercy of the Directors and Boards who dictate what I do and don’t do – so they have really just been like regular jobs.


The decision to resign my current post was a relatively easy one.  After a couple of years working with (or more so, working for) a micro-managing, overbearing, dominating and generally painful boss, I decided that It really was time for me to work for myself again. I have been getting increasingly jaded with working long hours at others beck and call.


Earlier, I had spent a number of years working on my small farm and found that totally soul restoring and blissful – but not particularly lucrative. So I sort of had to go back into the workforce to earn a bit of money to get on top of the bills again.


This time around I have researched different types of businesses that appealed to me. I found a couple of options that fit the criteria for me and certainly found my share of scams along the way. I started looking around 8 months before I pulled the pin on the ‘day job’ with the thought in mind of being able to have something up and running before I stopped earning a full time salary.


I decided that I wanted to develop my business in online marketing.


This decision was based on the knowledge that I had a bit of IT savvy and also had many years ago, when the internet was just a pup, been involved in setting up an ISP (Internet Service Provider).


I had a bit of a taste of working with Amazon setting up our ISP with affiliate marketing to help to cover some costs. Amazon is certainly a different animal these days – from book sales to now marketing 10’s of thousands of products. The true A -> Z of marketers.


During my research I came across a couple of really good affiliate marketing programs ( and there are thousands of them available)  such as Amazon, Ebay and Commission Factory (an Australian based affiliate group). These guys offered all the benefits of centralised affiliate management and a range of well established companies and products that I could hook up with.


My problem was I wasn’t really good a web design so needed to find an easy template driven site developer.  I had done a few from scratch with Dream Maker web software and Microsoft Pagemaker web designs – they were ok but a bit clunky.


I also really needed to know more about online marketing.Work-From-Home


I came across Wealthy Affiliate University while researching affiliate marketing options and was immediate blown away by the versatility of this site. I signed up for some free websites and started the online marketing course that they offered as part of the free start up.


About 6 months ago I bought a 12 month premium access to WealthyAffiliate that gave me more training and more website options. The WordPress templates that they offered were fabulous and the interface to build and develop the site was second to none.


So, at this point of time I am starting my new endeavour with 5 – 6 month’s worth of training and a couple of websites that are ranking in search engines and generating traffic. I have begun to monitorise the websites with affiliate marketing links and have goals in place for the next 6 months that include income generation and new marketing ideas.


The point that I hope for people to take away from this short article is that there are options out there for online home businesses that can generate incomes for you if you have a plan and work at it like a business.


Get rich quick schemes should really not be on your radar if you are looking to develop a long term income and stable business.


If you would like to leave a comment of your experiences or wishes for a work from home business, please feel free to add some words below.

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