Set Up A Domain Name

How do I get a domain name (URL) 

Once you decide to create a web site, whether it be a personal site or a business site, you will want to get a personalised domain name. A domain name is basically the address that you audience will type in to arrive at you site.

You domain name should have something in general to do with your web site but it doesn’t necessarily have to use keywords or search words.

Have a few different names that you would like to use as you may find that your first choice is already in use.

There are a number of different extensions that you can you – these being .com, .org, .net etc etc.  Search engines tend to favour the .com and .org  extensions, so keep that in mind when you choose your name.

There are a number of sites that offer domain names. The one I have found to be quite easy to use and is fast to activate is Namecheap.

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