Does Law of Attraction Work?


Does Law of Attraction Work?

Recently I was reminded of a book that I had read many years ago called The Secret. I was asked by a friend if I knew how the law of attraction work. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read it then I recommend you have a peak .. or check out the popular video, of The Secret. It’s a theme based on the late 1800’s works of Wallace D Wattles. In fact most of the writings that you would encounter about law of attraction would be based on these materials.

Then another friend posted an article that he wrote on facebook that linked to his latest updated ebook that is also based on the original words of Wattles. He has been most generous and allowed his ebook to be shared to all, so I am also passing it forward for you to read. Please drop me an email and I will send you a copy.

Put it out there !

But the question is still there. Does the laws of attraction work?  I have to clarify that I am not a particularly spiritual person (no more than the average person) but I have always employed the philosophy of law of attraction throughout my life, without really knowing it.  The theory is that the more you desire or want something and put that desire out there to the world (or the universe) the more you attract what is being desired. It’s a pretty ‘out there’ concept for most people, I know, but if you break it down into a modern, real life context, that is when it really starts to make sense and you can see it working in everyday life.

Being the anally retentive person that I am, I love to and need to set goals for myself. Unbeknown to me, by doing this I was sending out signals of my desires in very explicit detail. Technically I was adding to the law of attraction in order to make my goals come to fruition.  The most stand out scenario for me happened a while back. I was working overseas in Papua New Guinea. At the time I lived in a marina on a small yacht.  I did this for about 18 months. It was very cramped and not very comfortable but I loved the lifestyle.

Now, on the other side of the marine on the opposing ‘finger’ to the one I lived on, there was a lovely yacht that had been left for a long time by her owner to the weather and was showing some signs of neglect. But she was a beautiful boat and I fell in love with her. Every day when I arose from my little cave I would see this beautiful yacht and I would say to myself, this yacht will be mine. I set a goal. I set a realistic tangible goal that by the end of that year I would own this yacht and would fix her up and sail her as she so deserved.

Dream big

I had no money at the time so the goal was a big one .. but I had to have her. I set about hammering out spreadsheets with figures about how much I could save by the end of the year so I could buy her. The figures didn’t look real good, I can tell you that. But it didn’t deter my desire and dream.

Several months later – and I was still determined as ever. But the finances were just not coming together. Then I got a letter from my employer saying that I was being seconded to another group within the company and would need to cash in my gratuities and holiday pay (I never took holidays back then). So .. out of the blue I received a nice fat cheque that more than covered what I needed for my down payment in order to get a loan for the boat.

Several more months later, now getting on towards the end of the year, I was traveling through Singapore to meet up with a mate to sail another yacht up to Phuket. I was sitting in the famous Tiger Bar in the Raffles Hotel when I spot the owner of the yacht, that I have been coveting for the last, year sitting with his girlfriend. So….. the time was right. Over a Singapore Sling we made a deal and I bought the yacht that I wanted, at the price that I wanted, at the time that I wanted. My goal complete and the laws of attraction had worked.

Take Control of your Life

Some would say that is just good luck or good management. But I have used the same techniques throughout my life to achieve all sorts of things, from obtaining vehicles, getting jobs that I wanted, the incomes that I wanted, property, and love … so to me, there is far more than just good luck or good management.

So what has all this to do with home businesses and building residual incomes. Well, everything really! My take on the law of attraction are very simplistic, but it works. Desiring wealth and money is not a bad thing. We need income to be happy and healthy, to provide a house for ourselves and family, to feed ourselves and also to share with our friends and families.

If you really put your mind to it and desire something special, then just do it. Set your sites high and put it out there what you want and eventually you will get something in return. Its all about taking control of your life and taking charge of what you want. You will still have to work … nothing happens without effort. The law of attraction require effort put in in order to get something out.  Do yourself a favour and learn more about the law of attraction and how it can work in your daily life.


Please feel free to give me some feedback or get in touch by email. Ill be happy to forward a copy of the ebook – The Secret Law of Attraction: The Road to Universal Wealth. Happy dreaming.

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