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Most of the articles that I have written to-date have talked about writing content for your own websites and blogs. If you are new in the business there are also opportunities for freelance writing jobs for beginners that can help you to earn some income while your websites are maturing.


Good Content Is Required Daily


You know that If you are expecting your sites to get good ranking results on the major search engines then one of the jobs that becomes a daily habit is writing articles or reviews or blog posts.  Along with this is including well researched and rank-able keywords that you need to incorporate into your content.


Good content writing is essential for good search engine results. And being consistent with your writing is also a key element of success.


How to Cure Writer’s Block?

How To Cure Writers Block


One of the major complaints that I see coming from those I know in the online marketing business is that they, at some stage, suffer from writer’s burn out or writer’s blocks. I suppose it comes from writing about the same topics within their niche. It can become quite stressful looking for new ideas for articles without sounding too repetitive or flat.


An option available to publishers is for them to outsource some of their content writing.  This is certainly an option but it costs money. And believe me, from personal experience, you get what you pay for. So in other words of you try to do it on the cheap you WILL get cheap copy.


The issue there is that a lot of the people who are advertising themselves on the internet as freelance writers at $5 an article often (can’t say always) have English as their second language. So if you are wanting a perfect article written on the cheap, expect that you will need to re write some sections (or all) of it before you publish it.


Inspired by Fresh Ideas


Now I use this service from time to time, but I have a strategy. I expect that I will need to do some re writing, but what it does is allows me to run with some fresh ideas from an outside perspective – sort of cures the writers block.


If you are lucky you can come across some very good writers – but they are often quite busy and they charge significantly more. This is great to use them if you already have an income from your websites and significant traffic. So you know you will get a return on your investment.


What is Freelance Writing?


So this leads me to the title of this article – freelance writing jobs for beginners.


If you are good a writing, have a good command of English and know how to proof read your work properly then there is a market for you to become freelance writer.  Copy writing for websites and blogs is a demand driven industry and you are able to get a good price for writing if you are good, quick and reliable.


Another great attribute of a good freelance writer is general knowledge. This helps if you want to be able to write articles on different subjects. At least the ability to research off the internet and from books will help.


Freelance Writing Opportunities


Now if you know a bit about Keywords and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and can incorporate this into your article writing, there will be a higher demand for your work.


You might even find that freelance writing is a career option that you prefer. Its possible to do it as a second job – if you have free time that enables you to produce a couple of articles a day then you can easily start to earn a good second income.


Most articles are charged out based on the number of words written, or requested. Blogs and website articles tend to range from around 400 words up to 1500 words. But quality is the major concern if you are expecting to get the top rates for your work.


Newspaper and Magazine Writing


You can also do freelance writing for newspaper and magazines. Most of these are also published online now. It’s a harder industry to get into, and you might need to accept a few non paying articles being submitted before you start get acceptance. Competition from high quality writers is pretty stiff, so you will need to understand their exact requirements for printable copy before you go spending time here.


I find niche publications are often very willing to accept regular contributions but might not pay too well. Also helps if you can supply photos with your copy. I have written some short articles in the past for farming magazines (before online publishing was the norm). I enjoyed that but it was more for love than money.


So, if you are looking options for freelance writing jobs for beginners I would recommend advertising on the internet in one of the pro writing sites – do a search for Professional Copywriters online. Some examples below – (note: I have not used all of them, so please research first)



However, if you are good at writing and enjoy it, my number one recommendation is to try creating your own website and start affiliate marketing. You can make money both ways – through writing content and through sales commissions on affiliate links.

Please feel free to leave a comment or question. If you have been or are now involved in the freelance writing area, please let us know your thoughts. And even leave a short ad about yourself it you want some work.



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