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I have been looking at online businesses and marketing opportunities for years. Most of them have left me feeling a little bit discouraged and usually out of pocket. There are a lot of scams out there that you have to be aware of and keep an eye out for.

I have been involved in network marketing (or MLM’s – Multi Level Marketing) type businesses before but found that in order to succeed I had to pretty much harass every friend and acquaintance that I knew and flog them hundreds of products and built up volume in order to get anywhere. Reality is that many start off with a flurry of excitement in these businesses but find that their downlines drop off and success starts to fade. My new office


However, recently I was introduced to the Kyani business model by a well known and respected online marketer who had also recently join this business.

The systems and processes that he showed me all made sense. So I have started my journey and, frankly, I’m a little bit excited about this. Im already on my way  in the business and heading for first pay cheques by the end of the month.


So yes, I do have an interest in this business so may be a little biased but I have also tried others, so have some experience.

Kyani is well established in the US and started up early this year in Australia and more recently is starting up in New Zealand.

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Note : The personal details you enter will only come to me ( it is safe)  so I can get back to you if you are interested.

Also note: this business is truly international – you don’t have to live in Australia as it is available throughout the world. So if you live in the US, Canada, South America, Japan, Europe, China, Singapore, New Zealand … and plenty more countries, get in touch with me and we can spread our international business together.

If you want to know more about products please

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