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Kyani-Australian-Business-PresentationA growing work from home segment in Australia is Network Marketing, also known a Multi Level Marketing ( MLM).  This page will be of interest to you if you maybe looking to start a home based network marketing business. But for those who are not familiar with MLMs or network marketing, or those who have a negative view on it, I hope this will give you a better picture of how it works and why it is becoming one of the most successful methods of target marketing and selling today.

The Business Model

All MLM business models have a core product or products that they are marketing.  Some groups – like AMWAY , as an example, have a large range of product that you buy at a wholesale price and sell at a retail – you keep the margin.  The core product of Kyani is the triangle of health ( nutritional supplements). Whilst you can, and are encouraged to retail the Kyani product, the base aim is to use the product yourself and re-buy each month, creating a personal volume of sales. So you are not having to flog product to customers in order to get enough sales volume to qualify for bonuses.

Sponsor Others

All MLM models encourage you to sponsor other people to become distributors of their products. That is the ultimate aim of the company, to sell and distribute their products. By having independent distributors marketing for them directly they are saving a heap in admin, advertising, transport, distribution costs etc etc.  This is how they can pay bonuses to their distributors.

Kyani has systems in place that enable you to easily offer the business opportunity to others ( friends, family, acquaintances, people you don’t know etc)  to become distributors, and use the product for themselves.

This becomes the MAJOR side product of the Kyani  business model. This is where you make your money. By showing others the product, getting them to try it (or not) and then getting them to join as a distributor, you are on your way to building a profitable business. The key is that is not a hard sell, the product is not expensive, and people are not expected to change their life habits or change all the product they like for the the ones you are flogging them.

What is your goal?

reach the sky onlineThe beauty of it is that you might only need or want to earn an extra $500 or $1000 a month to help with the mortgage – you can do that, but will probably find that your business will start to expand as the people you introduce go about building their own businesses.  This creates a long lasting residual income for you.

However, many people see the opportunity to make a full time income, replacing their day job and exceeding their expectations by a long shot. How good would that be?  There are people now, in Australia ( after 6 months of the business being in the country) who are earning $3000, $5000, $10,000+++  per month through marketing the BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY to others. And they are mostly just using the product for themselves and asking friends if they want to do the same.

Other incentives.

Apart from the opportunity to build a residual income and enjoying a product that will enrich your health, Kyani offer other very nice incentives as you progress within the business. The most tangible one – that I like  – is the Mercedes Benz. Once you get to a level with your business ( around where you are earning $3000 – $5000 per month) Kyani will set you up with a Mercedes Benz to drive around in. Nice! As your business increases you get higher levels of cars. Nice !

So what does it cost ? 

Ok, so this bit is not for this forum, however suffice to say that it is NOT an expensive or over the top cost for starting your own business and it is totally possible to make the cost back within the first month. If you want to know the cost for joining the business then you will need to view the business opportunity webinar and show some level of interest by providing your details (yes it is safe and no you do not get spammed with info after)   AND – let it be known, that if you are not interested in the opportunity after that point you will not get hounded. It is up to you solely to show the interest.  If the business is not for you then there is no point someone trying to change your mind.

So, isn’t it just a scam or pyramid selling ?

Avoid scams Well, no.  Most MLM businesses are very well thought out and structured and work within the rules and regulations of the countries they reside in. For example Kyani Australia requires you to enter your Tax file number or ABN, as you would with any business or job that you start, so income is potentially assessable by the tax department.

Pyramid selling technically requires the top person to take money from the next person who then takes money of the next person etc etc – generally there is no product involved and it most countries is illegal. MLM’s are based on the sale of a product and the structure is not unlike the structure of a ‘conventional’ business, where there is some one at the top. The thing is, you are always at the top of your own business ( distributorship) and you make your decisions on how much you want to earn.

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  1. Dorothy

    Thank you for explaining the differences about different types of business models. Hopefully people of the world will realise quickly that MLM and Networking is the way to create a better world for everyone. So many people are in a job now, that is taking them away from family and making a real income. At least here in MLM and Networking world it gives many more choices. There is nothing sadder than being on a peak hour train on a Monday morning. Seeing distraught unhappy faces as they go to the grind facing another week on the treadmill… going to work coming home.. I love My Life..Thank you MLM/Network Marketing…


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