How to Start a Website Business

How to start a website business

So, what do you do?

When ever my friends ask me what I do, and I tell them I own a website business, they are usually a little bit lost for words. Some think its just a pie in the sky thing that I do, you know, head in the clouds, geeky sort of thing.

But when I show them how to start a website business and what it is that I actually do, then they understand that this is a real, legitimate work option.

I’m not surprised that people have that sort of reaction to online businesses. There is not a lot said about them and what is said doesn’t always sound so rosy.

Online Affiliate Marketing

Online affiliate marketing So what I’m going to do is run through with you the basics on starting an online business, using websites as the medium for earning an income through advertising links, or better known as online affiliate marketing.

Firstly, I’ll give you a run down on how you make money affiliate marketing.

The key point to note about affiliate marketing websites is that they are designed to generate traffic. The traffic is necessary so that volumes of readers are exposed to the advertising links on and within the site. For affiliate marketing beginners this is the hardest part, but easily sorted with the correct training.

Affiliate Marketing Explained

The Affiliate marketing process works on the basis that a merchant will pay a website owner a commission for a sale that has been generated (or initiated) through a banner or embedded link in their website.

An example of a merchant is Amazon. We all know that you can buy a heap of things from Amazon and that they sell it all online. Now I can set up an affiliate account with these guys, and they will give me a unique ID number that will be linked to all the banners and product items that I advertise or display on my websites.

Make Money Affiliate MarketingWhen someone clicks on a Amazon banner on my website they are taken to the Amazon website. If they decide to buy something, or a number or products, Amazon will give me a sales commission for the product/s sold. The sale process is tracked using my unique ID number.

Its quite simple. There is no extra mark up on the products, they are sold at the same discounted prices you would see if you just went to Amazon site directly.

An example of an affiliate merchant in Australia is YOUi Insurance . This one of the largest insurance brokers in Australia at the moment and they use affiliate marketing to reach groups that they may not reach otherwise. Have a look at the website that lists all the companies that use affiliate marketing as part of their mainstream advertising.

Merchants use affiliate programs as an extension of their more conventional advertising and marketing initiatives. The internet enables them to reach more people, different people and more targeted markets than they may reach with their TV, radio and print advertising.

Affiliate marketing is also hugely cost effective for the merchants as they don’t have to pay anything until a product or service is actually sold.  So it’s a ‘pay on performance’ system.

Win win, win, win!

For the website owner, you have access to a whole catalogue of product and services to market without having to hold stock, own a shop or warehouse or employ staff.

You might earn a lower margin this way, but the costs are significantly less and turn over can be quite high once you have that all important traffic coming through your site.

Start a Website Business

Affiliate Marketing explainedOK, so now,  how to start online affiliate marketing as a business.

What you need to do is create a website, get a domain name and have the site hosted, then add content to the site and maintain it so it is fresh, add affiliate programs to the site, and drive traffic to it with the fresh, keyword optimized articles and blogs, then whammo, you’re in business.

Lol !

Cracks me up, but it is actually not that hard to do.

You don’t need any specific set of skills to start this type of business. Training and support are both available, both through myself and the program I use for my site administration.

My #1 Recommendation

All in One

The best thing to do is find a system that offers all the things you need in one site. Something that offers the websites, domain names, hosting, training, support and some social interaction with peers.

Affiliate marketing beginnersThis does exist with Wealthy Affiliate. This program is worth you checking out as it does offer all of the above, and most significantly, it is offered in a free starter account to get you going, so you can work your way through the program and training and get to know the community of peers that are there assisting and motivating.

It is a true ‘all in one’ program.  In addition, you can find other ideas and tools that you can use to set up your website business on the website, where I am there to help.



You can get to know a bit more about me and affiliate marketing. Also, leave some feedback or questions and I will get straight back to you.


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