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Kyani is offering their high impact personal health products in more than 50 countries.

We are looking for business builders and leaders; those that want to learn and earn part time or full-time income from home.

There are plenty of ‘knockers’ and negativity about multi-level marketing companies, and frankly they are not the people that you want in your business anyway. Sure, there are scams in MLMs – but you will find them in other businesses, both online and conventional.  So you just have to do due diligence to quickly see which are legitimate home businesses and which are not.


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Kyani Wildfire is Spreading

Kyani has taken off in Australia like wildfire – even before the official launch later in 2016. Kyani has now also started up in New Zealand and is fast reaching the take up experienced in Australia.

As a Kyäni Distributor, the sky is the limit!


Right now Kyäni Business Owners are creating true residual income doing what they love to do,  helping others to share their prosperity.  I can introduce you to people in this business right now, who are earning significant income through Kyani, building their distribution networks.

You need to understand – this is not a get rich quick scheme.  You have to work at it to make it work. Its not a free ride. Some people make and some don’t. The ones who don’t generally give up before the rewards eventuate – they tend not to understand the meaning of delayed gratification – put in the work now and the rewards will come.  Those who succeed stick with the program and follow the plan.

The success of Kyani in Australia and New Zealand is due largely to the strength of the leadership and determination of the individuals who have taken on their businesses and run with them.


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Kyäni’s residual pay compensation plan is revolutionary. It solves the problems of traditional, out of date programs. It doesn’t punish you for developing leaders. It allows you to use volume from your strong leg. It combines the best of the unilevel and binary systems while getting rid of the negative pieces. We call it the Kyäni PayGate Accumulator. It is a powerful residual pay plan that pays up to 44% of monthly sales volume through 12 PayGates. There are no restrictions to the depth of your volume. What does this mean? It means you receive more value for your group volume which translates into bigger checks. It is just another way that Kyäni is helping you to Experience More.


A Bonus paid to the sponsor and up to 5 qualifying leaders. Qualifying leaders are not cut off by other equal or higher ranks.


Earn up to 30% of the Customer CV on every Customer sale you make. No minimum requirements. This is in addition to the Retail Bonus.


Earn 20-30% on every Customer Sale you make; the difference between wholesale and retail. This is in addition to the Customer Bonus.


A portion of all Customer CV sales are put into a pool. Those who personally sell at least 500CCV per month qualify for shares of the pool.

MERCEDES BENZ Vehicle Program.

Kyani will help you get behind the wheel of a company paid Mercedes Benz quickly with a low qualifying level. Once you get to a point where you are earning around $3800 you will be around the level where you will qualify for a new Mercedes Benz.  The Merc Dealerships are already getting hammered with the number of cars being earned.

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Now is the time – contact me now to start.

If ever there was a time to get into a business startup, now is that time. you don’t have to leave your job to do it, you can start part time and work up to a replacement income. This business is not dependent on the economy – it is driven by people who buy and use the products for their own consumption, so it does not impact on household budgets.  It doesn’t require you to sell quantities of product to people to succeed. You buy a monthly quantity that is easily consumed by the average family – costing around $170 per month.

The cost to start your distribution business is not over the top, in fact, in terms of starting up a conventional business it is minimal.