New Australian Business Opportunity

When looking for work from home opportunities, try to keep an open mind. I have been looking at online businesses and marketing opportunities for years. Most of them have left me feeling a little bit discouraged and usually out of pocket.   I have been involved in other network marketing ( or MLM) type businesses before but found that in order to succeed I had to pretty much harass every friend and acquaintance that I knew and flog them hundreds of products and built up volume in order to get anywhere.    My new office

Recently I was introduced to the Kyani business model by a well known and respected online marketer who had also recently join this business. The systems and processes that he showed me all made sense. So I have started my journey and, frankly, I’m a little bit excited about this. Im already on my way after a short 2 weeks in the business and heading for first pay cheques ( yes cheques) by the end of the month – pretty much replacing the initial investment plus some.

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