Seizing the Day

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Ok, so a couple of months ago I joined Wealthy Affiliates on the free plan. I have been looking for someway of earning an income online and working from home for ages and have been bitten a few times by the not so reputable.  But WA has really inspired me. I can see from the site and the training set up and the detail that these guys have spent a bit and money setting this up. The training in the free section is great and certainly got me off an running with some sites.

Going Premium

Last week I decided to go premium. It was a no brainer really as I can picture this working for me. I wanted the next level of training and info and accesses to the full range of site themes. And above all I think I need the support – a bit of direction and a pep up from those in the community ‘ walking back down the road’.

Make a Commitment – Back yourself !

Today I purchased my 12 months subscription. You have to be in it to win it !  I have a some domain names now and a few sites that are taking shape and desperate to see the runs on the board with some commissions. But I am following the training so I can get the frame work in place first. I am a firm believer in the saying “Build it and they will come !”    ( wow what a lot of clichés).

Just do it !

So.. if you are undecided about whether or not to do this, or not sure if you can do this .. then just take the step and try it anyway. The worst you will get out of upgrading to premium (even for one month) is a whole lot more knowledge about online marketing and web sites ..

5 thoughts on “Seizing the Day

  1. You have made a great choice going premium with WA. They offer some of the greatest training and support that I have ran across. Congratulations.


    1. Thanks Dave, Thanks for your comments. Yes the training and support through WA has been exceptional. I have tried setting up sites previously with moderate success but the instruction on WA premium has really helped me and hopefully take my sites to another level.

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