The Best Work From Home Jobs

The Best Work From Home Job is a website created to show people in Australia about the best work from home jobs that you can get into, enabling you to base yourself at home and earn a living.


I have been working from home myself, on and off for many years. I have set up and operated a few different businesses – from farm based to a landscaping and garden maintenance business to a management consultancy business. More recently I have started (or should I say, gone back to) an online, internet based business.

Early Success Online

All my ‘conventional’ work from home businesses had websites that I had developed to market the business and my produce / services. They worked pretty well and even today, after having taken down the sites after I finished the businesses, I still get regular emails from people who have taken details from the sites many years ago… its fascinating how long people will keep details of businesses.


Best Work From Home Jobs
Link With Merchants To Sell Their Products On Your Website

These were great websites that promoted my business in the area I wanted but they didn’t generate any money themselves. Later I added an ebook to one site and I was able to sell a number of these. So this got me thinking more about linking to affiliated sites to generate a passive income to pay for the website hosting etc.


So, having experienced such success from my earlier websites, I turned to developing sites that earn money through affiliate marketing.  It is still one of the best work from home jobs that I have experienced as I get to use my creative side and a new found love of writing. I hadn’t had an outlet for this before, so I’m finding it incredibly invigorating and uplifting.

Misconceptions about Affiliate Marketing

I remember discussing this new business idea with my wife. Her first reaction was, “isn’t affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?”  Its not an uncommon question, so I’ll address it for anyone else who has the same question or is not sure what affiliate marketing is.


Affiliate marketing is very far removed from pyramid schemes.  A pyramid scheme requires someone at the top of a chain to sponsor people under him to earn a bonus, who encourages the ones below to sponsor people who pay them and him a bonus and so on an so on. There is generally no tangible product involved and eventually people stop sponsoring and the money dries up and the scheme topples. They are generally advertised as the “get rich quick” type schemes – you’d do well to keep away from them.


This is different again to Network Marketing (Multi Level Marketing) which, whilst encouraging sponsoring of others to the business, typically have physical products, that are wholesaled and retailed, that the business is based on.  MLM’s are also a viable work from home job option and I know of some people personally who have prospered well through this type of business.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing refers to a website owner (publisher) who connects with a retailer or wholesaler (company) to advertise their products or services online in return for a commission on a sale or lead. It’s a ‘pay for results’ system where the company only pays a commission to the publisher when a sale is made.  It is a very legitimate and fast growing method being employed by companies (big and small – eg Amazon, Ebay, Kmart, Starbucks, reputable insurance companies, reputable clothing companies etc)  to get their products in front of new customers by taping into internet traffic through publisher’s websites and social media connections.

Mainstream Companies Marketing Online

Companies are using this method of advertising to complement their other online,  TV, Radio and paper media marketing. The benefit to the company is that their investment is minimal and the coverage is massive. The benefit to the publisher is that they can market/ sell product or services that complement their website and earn an income without having to hold stock or deal with customers or distribution. It’s a huge Win Win.


So going back to my earlier businesses and websites – take for instance my lawn and garden maintenance business, I could affiliate with a company who sells gardening tools or shade houses etc and have a link on my website that directs my customers to these sites for them to buy stuff online, that is not in competition with me. So my business website can also become an affiliate marketing site that earns money passively.

Create A Passive Income

Wow, why doesn’t everyone do this? No seriously, why doesn’t everyone do this? Well the fact is that more and more people and companies are. And pretty much every website that you click on now has a form of affiliate marketing embedded in it – either through subtle text links or banners.


In Australia, as in other countries, there are a number of affiliate network groups who manage online affiliate campaigns for some of Australia’s top and developing retailers.  Commission Factory (one such group that I work with) manage affiliate marketing for companies such as UNIT Clothing, YOUi Insurance, CUE Clothing, Froothie Juicers, Windsor Smith, ENJO, Rivers – just to name a few of their 350+ Aussie merchants who advertise with Affiliates like me.


So every time you click on a banner or link you may be sending commission to an affiliate marketer. And generally you are getting better prices online that you would by buying directly from a shop (an ‘on a street’ type shop)


With several BILLION people accessing the internet to buy goods and services and find out information about pretty much anything, wouldn’t you consider this to be a viable marketing option?

My #1 Recommendation For Work From Home Business

This is why I personally have an online business that I consider to be one of the best work from home jobs available.   At this stage of my evolution the earnings are not huge but I am encouraged by the steady growth that will see my income grow in line with my goals.


Today, I like to encourage anyone who has a hobby or a love for something special that they want to share; an existing business without a web presence or anyone looking at ways to earn money online to consider developing a website to help reach their goals or just to get a website going for their club or hobby.


If you are interested in finding out more about what I do you are welcome to check out the affiliate marketing platform that I use. This platform provides me with easy website development tools (no brainers), hosting for my sites, technical and developmental support as well as training and mentoring.  Click HERE for free introduction.

This could well become a part time money earner or a full time work from home business for you.

Please feel free to leave a comment or question below. Or you can go to my About Me page and contact me directly.

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