Website Marketing for Small Business

Website marketing for small business

Content Marketing Strategy

To be competitive in todays market, internet marketing for small business is a must.

Understanding the methods and the benefits that you can achieve through marketing your business online can help you to increase your local profile and increase sales through new untapped markets.

Create a Business Website

creating a business websiteThe most obvious strategy is creating a website that showcases your business product and services. And if nothing else, a website will give customers some form of contact and a bit of background about the business so your customers can make informed choices.

This means they will more likely be in a ‘buying’ mode when they do make contact.

Printed phone book advertising is becoming more expensive each year. Whilst many are also now including website and mobile application access for their customers, the average small business can only afford to place small ads that really don’t ‘sell’ the business to the customer.

Plus, they are simply just not as convenient as a google search.

Building Your Own for Better Control

Small businesses can get websites produced easily and cheaply now, so there are really no excuses for your local business not to have an online presence. In fact, building your own website has never been more simple.

This gives the small business owner total control over their website and the content that goes in it.

The ‘how to internet marketing’ key strategy for local business is in article marketing. Article marketing refers to a business owner creating short articles (or blogs) about their product or services that they post on their website for their customers to read.

Articles don’t need to be intense essays – just writing between 400 and 1500 words is fine, and will not take up your whole day.

Content Through Information Articles

Content is king of the internetBy marketing their articles, using appropriate high ranking keywords, they can dramatically increase their business exposure on the internet. The aim is to produce articles that help their customers to understand their business better or helps them to solve a problem using their services.

Now, to be upfront with you, you can’t always expect immediate results.

funny success pic


This is a long term business strategy that will build business for you. This where you learn about delayed gratification. So, what is delayed gratification?  It means these strategies require upfront effort but the rewards will be well worth it down the track.

The major internet search engines reward websites that display quality, informative, relevant content.  So by producing content articles for your website that your customers will read can help to create further exposure to your business online.

Creating social media pages for your business AS WELL as a website will help to create a following and further interest, allowing you to build authority about your subject on the internet.

More Online Marketing Opportunities

Make Money Affiliate MarketingAnd this opens the door to further online marketing opportunities through creating an ecommerce website (selling your goods and services via your website) and other income opportunities through drop shipping (selling other goods via your website without holding stock) and affiliate marketing (selling other goods and services without holding stock or requiring any physical interaction from you).

Most small businesses are reasonably ‘niche’ operations, meaning they generally specialise in a particular specific type of product or service. This makes online target marketing more achievable. This is also known as niche marketing.

Niche Marketing

Niche marketing (targeted marketing) means that a small business is attracting the people who actually want their product or service, rather than the more scattered approach that you get from newspaper, TV and radio marketing.

learn niche marketing By writing clever, informative articles for your website, with good searchable keywords, means that you will be attracting the right people to your website and creating an opportunity to add new streams of income to your business.

When you create a ecommerce website you will also take your business from local to international, if you want that to happen. You can start selling you products and service anywhere in the country or overseas, so long as it is physically possible for you.

Affiliate Marketing

Also, affiliate marketing on your site will allow you to earn a commission for sales of merchandise anywhere in the world without you needing to do anything. So this is achievable without any change to your current business methods or input.

Affiliate marketing works best where you have a volume of traffic that is targeting the products you are marketing. So the aim here would be to choose affiliate products that are complementary or in the same category as your own product or service. This way you are more likely to get sales from your affiliate links that have generated from traffic that arrived at your site.

Article Writing Techniques

Creative content writing and SEOAgain, the best way to market your website is through content and informative, helpful articles.

Articles can be based on your products – maybe reviews of selected products that you want to promote (you can even review products that you dislike). Articles can also be written about your business – the staff, the location, the services that you provide, anything that you think will be of interest to your readers.

Keywords are specific strings of words that people would use to search for something on the internet. You can find good keywords for your articles using keyword tools – like google adwords, and keyword tools. You can learn a bit more about keywords here.

So if you can include good keywords into your articles, the search engines will pick these up and it will help to rank your article and website. The aim is to get a page one or two ranking on google search or Bing or Yahoo.

Seek Out Good Online Training

Affiliate marketing beginnersThe good news is that there is fabulous training available on the internet for you to learn all about simple website development and effective article writing.

You don’t need to be a scholar to write website articles, you just need to know a bit about your subject and be able to write in a casual free flowing style, just like you are talking to a customer.

My #1 online marketing resource is (WA). I always recommend this site to small business and individuals who want to create websites and develop online businesses.

WA provides an “all in one” facility for small business to create, develop and host their website and provides comprehensive training on all aspects of online marketing.

And support is second to none. This is so important to small business who just don’t have time to muck around with support issues on their sites. You can also start for FREE, but the good things is that set up a premium account you can just pay a one-off, fully inclusive, annual fee, and nothing else, which makes it really easy to budget.


Internet marketing for small business is easier than you may think and the benefits to your business certainly outweigh any costs. Choose a service that gives you the all in one package of website, hosting, training and help.  Learn the techniques for good content writing and start marketing your business, or create a new online business today for yourself.


Re. the Author – James has an extensive and successful background in business sales and marketing and small business development – having created several successful small businesses, both conventional and online. Currently he helps individuals and small businesses create profitable online businesses for themselves. This is where we start.



10 thoughts on “Website Marketing for Small Business”

  1. Hi James,

    Great and informative article! It sounds like you don’t have to know a whole lot to get started in website marketing because Wealthy Affiliate provides all the training you need.

    Do they also show you how to market through social media? That’s one area I would need a lot of help with!

    Thanks so much for all the ideas you have given me!

    1. Thanks for your comments Anna, The training on WA is very comprehensive and allows you to learn all that you need to get a functional, money making website set up. Social media training and strategies are also covered, not only in the Affiliate Bootcamp training but also through some of the tutorials that have been submitted by experienced members.

      cheers JAmes

  2. hi James your site is awwesooome very informative. all in one PACK it inspires me …you did a great job on your site ..Details are pro .How long you’ve been in this business?Im just starting in this kind of online marketing .Can you tell me any tips on how to manage properly my own site..Im just being stuck sometimes I just cant focus .I want to know how you did it ,from NOTHING to something GREAT like your site ..

    Cheers and THANKS

    1. Hi Zack, thanks for your comments. I appreciate it that you enjoyed the site. As for ‘tips on how to do it?”, just make sure you go through the WA Certification Course (to the end) and the Bootcamp training (regardless of your Niche). This is what taught me. If you get stuck and cant focus, then leave it for a bit and come back to it. This helps me. If you get really stuck then make sure you use the Live Chat area as there is always someone around to help or talk to. Cheers, James

  3. I was wondering if this sort of thing would work for my rather small antiques store – it’s not the biggest but we certainly have a lot to sell?
    I’m also interested in selling affilaite products to do with antique education on my site – are there products like this out there and how easy are they to sign up with?

    1. HI there Chris, marketing information about antiques is a great idea. You could even create a number of different niches within that market and target specific customers.

      I did a quick search online by typing in “antiques affiliate programs” and came up a bunch of sites that are offering affiliate programs. was the first one. I dont know too much about antiques or the business so you would need to see what products or services are being offered that would suit you.

      I hope that helps answer your questions.

      cheers James.

  4. Wow!

    This article basically tells about everything that one should learn in online business! What you have here is an informative article on how to help people, especially those young and beginner ones on how to be successful in their endeavor. It is true that immediate success shouldn’t be expected, thus patience and determination should be observed.

    Thank you so much fro sharing this information! Yo have been a great help for the businesses that are yet to boom!

    1. Thanks Chanan, I am glad you found this helpful. Im hoping more people will see the benefits of starting online businesses especially small businesses that can really benefit from marketing online.

  5. I always thought you have to be this big time marketer in order to start an online business marketing products. But looking through this wealthy affiliate, it seems they provide a very solid teaching platform to help you build an online business from scratch. How helpful are the members within the community when it comes to providing answers to questions newbies have. thanks!

    1. Hi Ralph, thanks for taking the time to comment. Some of the members in WA are highly successful internet marketers who have built their businesses using the WA platform. My personal experience has shown that many of them are very giving of their time and more than willing to assist. For newbies, there is a wealth of training and information available to them to help them on their way. When a newbie joins they also get mentored by one of the founders of WA for a week, plus they can ask the community forum for assistance at any time and WILL get a answers to their questions.

      Hope that helps .. cheers, James

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