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By | January 21, 2016

The quest for the options on how to make money working from home in 2016 continues. And options are certainly available as more people choose to embrace a more flexible work lifestyle.

With the internet becoming such a major feature in our lives these days the options online for creating an income are also increasing. For many years people have enjoyed the freedom of selling things from home on ebay and other similar online market forums. And whilst this still continues there are other new and more sophisticated methods of online marketing available.

Big companies using affiliate managers to run their marketing campaigns

Affiliate marketing is fast becoming a premium tool being adopted by companies of all sizes to help them penetrate new markets. Affiliate marketing allows a company to reach and access customers that they may have not been able to reach before. These companies are making their products and services available to entrepreneurs to market on their own web sites – a process known as affiliate marketing.


Use your own website to earn money

The website owners are able to reach customers through their own networks and can gain serious market penetration for the company. The company pays the website owner a commission for qualified leads or actual sales – which in can generate a significant income for the website owner.

So, affiliate marketing is becoming a unique business option for motivated online entrepreneurs.

In the time that I have been involved with affiliate marketing I have seen the number of recognizable brand name companies signing up to affiliate promotions companies increase significantly. From clothing companies, confectionary, food delivery companies to top ranking insurance companies – they are all starting to use affiliate marketing. This has opened the opportunities for website owners to expand their niches and explore new avenues for earning an income.

Affiliate Marketing in Australia set to boom.

In Australia one of the big affiliate management groups is They have a huge selection of companies wanting people like you and me to advertise their products and services online through you own blog site or information website even other companies are advertising complementary products and services for other affiliates.

It is said that there are around 2.5billion people in the world using the internet for searching information. It is such a staggering number that is growing literally daily. It almost a no brainer that this will be growth area in internet marketing going forward, so why wouldn’t you want to be part of it.

Astute companies and clever website owners are seeing this market opportunity and are cashing in. The low overheads required with affiliate marketing make this one of the best opportunities for both the seller and the marketer and is a win / win for all.

So how do I learn online affiliate marketing?

Fortunately there are a few good affiliate marketing resources available online. But the one I use and subscribe to for my website hosting, support and training is a site called Wealthy

This site offers a significant amount of training and definitely the best place that I have personally found to learn online affiliate marketing techniques and processes that are imperative to success in the online marketing world.


Look for free websites and free training

They offer free start up – which includes some websites, hosting and a handful of training that will set you up in a position to start marketing immediately. Naturally, there is a cost if you decide to take it further and really want to benefit from their experience and expertise in building your own business.

As a premium member it costs me around $1 a day

Because I was backing myself and investing in a long term business strategy I purchased an annual subscription to this site that costs me around $1 per day to run. You can also go monthly if you want to see how you go as a professional marketer – but the thing is that you don’t need any special talents to do this so most people carry on.

For me, the investment is tiny in comparison to the income potential. I personally also have conventional businesses operating – a franchise region for a new technology service and a consultancy company – both cost significantly more to set up with no more or less potential.

Watch for the shonks !

Now, there are also a tone of shonky dealers around who are happy to take your money with no support and no training. You’ll need to watch out for them and do your due diligence – read reviews and research. The thing is, if they don’t let you try for free to start up – then Id be worried about what they are hiding.. Wealthy Affiliate allow you to trial and operate for free as long as you need and do not lock you in once you join the premium ranks… you can opt out at any time. It is very transparent.

And remember to be very wary of the offerings of instance success with little or no effort. Really? These don’t all provide what they advertise and generally lead to a loss of money and a bitter aftertaste. Trust me, I know. Your chances of becoming an overnight millionaire are better with a lottery ticket.

Although I am involved with Wealthy Affiliate I also belong to another of other internet marketing groups who provide levels of training and marketing exposure, so I am not just pushing their wagon just because Im part of it. I wouldn’t promote anything that I wasn’t personally using anyway.

Set up a money earning website for your ‘conventional’ business.

So if you are wanting to make money from working at home there are definite real options available. I have highlighted one that I think is the future for online businesses. And even if you start up a more conventional home business – be it a tradesman, home services, accounting .. you name it you will still probably want a website to advertise your business. So why not monetorize that website with affiliate marketing – start now at Wealthy Affiliates or you can learn more on my affiliate marketing ‘go to’ website where you can get all the answers.

If I can help you get there ..let me know. Contact me or message me and I will help you out.

work from home in

Work from home in 2016 with affiliate marketing

4 thoughts on “Work from home in 2016

  1. Cathy

    Hi there James,

    Great introduction to affiliate marketing. I would like to add on to your points. In case some people don’t know, big brands like Starbucks, Puma and Citibank also offers affiliate programs through various affiliate networks.

    If you manage to be affiliated to them, imagine the kind of brand exposure that you can get on your site. People are generally attracted to popular names and writing reviews about them is always an added advantage.

    1. James Beeby Post author

      HI Cathy, thank for taking the time to send me some comments. I agree with you about letting people know about some of the premium brands that use affiliate networks. I’ll approach this in a follow up post.

      I also like your point about affiliating with these groups. I connect with some well known groups as well and it certainly attracts traffic.

  2. Jolita

    Just recently I found out what all of this affiliate marketing is. I’m still on my progress and looking forward to see first results as I’m still new at the moment as well as my website.

    How much time you think it takes, or took for you to get the first money?

    Working from home becoming more and more popular these days and it’s totally amazing that people take action and do something for themselves.

    1. James Beeby Post author

      Hi there Jolita, great that you have started up affiliate marketing as it is a very rewarding experience on a number of levels. Its is fabulous that so many people are giving it a go.

      As far as how much time it takes to start making money is concerned. I totally understand why people as this question, because after all, that is one of main aim. However it is also a difficult one to answer. I can answer for myself – I started to receive small payments after about 6 months. It did take me a while and I was a bit discouraged at first. But now that I have traffic the payments are more regular and I have some reoccurring income. Now I know of some people at Wealthy Affiliate who have started earning commissions within a few months and some that are earning full time incomes after 12 months. Some have earned nothing and have left. SO results are different for everyone.

      It come down to how much time and effort you are willing to put in and how much you are willing to learn. The tools are all here, you just need to use them. It is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a serious business opportunity and needs to be treated that way.

      I hope that helps answer your questions.. let me know if you need more .

      cheers James


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